Kaddie Vaughan

10am - 2pm Tuesday to Friday plus Saturdays 7am  to 2pm.
Hometown: Blenheim, ON. But I've lived most of my life in Kenora. I'm a Kenora girl at heart!
First Job: Good ol' Kenora Walmart.
Favorite Saying: Tough call! I have a lot of go-to phrases... just ask my friends. Probably a toss up between, “Fair enough”, “This is my JAM!” and “This is happening right now.” Apparently I have to assure people that my ridiculous antics are, in fact, occurring in real time.
Favorite Thing To Cook: I make wicked home made ravioli from SCRATCH (yes mom, I can cook). Having cooking adventures with friends is one of my favourite things, so I'll try anything at least once.
Favorite Pass Time: Exploring the back roads whilst having epic sing-a-longs.
Furthest Place You've Traveled: I did a tour of northeastern France. It was basically amazing.
What do you love about Kenora?: I love the creative ways people think of to have fun here. Anyone from Kenora knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about. That's small town living for you. And I guess the general scenic beauty of living lake-side in northwestern Ontario is pretty okay too.