Ted Burton

Weekday Mornings 6-10am
Hometown: Kenora
First Job: Cutting grass, maintaining boats, groundskeeping for John Turner at his summer camp on Coney Island
Favorite saying: "Wow"
Favorite thing to cook: Anything that I’m not supposed to have.  BBQ steaks, burgers.  And sweet desserts and snacks.  If my wife approves, I probably don’t want it.
Favorite pastime: ATV’ing
Furthest place you've travelled: Cozumel, Mexico
What do you love about Kenora: I love that just about wherever you go you bump into someone you know (of course, that’s only a “plus” if they’re people you LIKE!).  In so many stores they know you, talk to you by name, and know what you like before you even tell them.