Campaign Aims to Cap Alcohol Tax

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 13:25 PM

A campaign is underway to get the public upset about a new tax automatically added to the price of spirits wine and beer by the federal government.

It's called Not On My Tab and is designed to help spread the word about automatic escalator tax increases starting next year.

Jan Westcott, President and CEO of Spirits Canada says this isn't just a small increase as suggested by the finance minister.

"The Liquor Board has a markup and once it gets to the consumer it's not pennies a bottle, it's more serious. [The tax] is automatic and it keeps going up," he says.

Westcott says right now when you by a bottle of spirits, 80 percent of the price goes to the feds for taxes and he calls this nothing but another cash grab.

This isn't the first campaign launched to combat the escalating tax, Axe The Tax was launched a year or so ago to fight the proposed increase.