New Program Encourages Women In Politics

Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2017 13:34 PM

More women are going to be encouraged to get into politics as part of a new national project. 

The PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise is launching its Women's Leadership project, which will look at how to remove barriers keeping women from running for office. 

It's being supported with an investment of over $368,000 from the federal government, announced in Thunder Bay on Thursday morning.

Executive Director Rosalind Lockyer says they'll be working together with the regional group Women In Politics on the three-year project. 

She and Rebecca Johnson, who is with Women in Politics, will work with councils at the municipal and provincial level, as well as meeting with women nationwide. 

"We're going to look at women's leadership from across the country and see what the main issues are, and how we can work together to increase gender equality in Canada." 

Lockyer says the biggest barrier for women is that few run for office: "When they run for politics and put their name forward, they have a really good chance of being elected. They also are very good representatives." 

She adds that women are well represented on municipal councils in our region, but there's still room for improvement. 

According to Lockyer, research shows we need at least 30% representation of women in politics, to have a fair democratic society--that figure is at around 26% in Northwestern Ontario. (Staff Photo)