Eight Hunters Fined After Moose Hunt

Posted on Friday, March 31, 2017 14:08 PM

A number of hunters from northwestern Ontario have been fined for illegally killing moose.

A total of 92 hundred dollars was given out to eight men, 7 of those men are from Kenora, for hunting without a licence.

Back in December Dennis Chevalier organized a moose hunt on Alford lake which is the boundary between Wildlife Managements units 2 and 3.

The party was licensed to shoot two adult moose in unit 2, but both moose were killed in unit 3.

Chevalier pleaded guilty to the charges and was fined 5 thousand dollars while the other 7 members were all fined 600 each. 

The MNR reminds hunters to make sure they are hunting in the correct Wildlife Management unit.