LOSV Army Training Taking Place In Kenora

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 18:14 PM

Kenora residents might have noticed an increase in military presence over the last few days.

Not to worry, Kenora's 116th Independent Field Battery is holding a Light Over Snow Vehicle Course right now, aimed to train military personnel how to operate a snow-machine.

Warrant Officer Lionel Packulak, says that they will be learning multiple skills.

"So a lot of them have never ridden or even seen an LOSV, so this course is going to take them from the unknown to the known. They're going to learn everything they can about the different riding skills and driving skills of the vehicle and how to maintain it."

The course takes 5 days to complete.

Packulak adds that the terrain in Kenora is the perfect place for training.

"Not only do they get to practice their skill set of their body movement in order to get the sled to do what they need to do, now with the trailer and everything they need to keep that in mind. The deep snow and the trails that you have here in the Kenora area is emphasizing all the skill sets that we taught them."

Most of the people taking part in the course are from Winnipeg, however two are from Kenora.