Inquest Comes Up With 21 Recommendations

Posted on Friday, June 16, 2017 09:16 AM

The jury in the inquest looking into the death of Gloria Assin has lots of suggestions for
local social service agencies and the police.

The Jury wrapped up the four day inquest with the release of it's verdict, which includes
21 recommendations.

Many of them are aimed at the OPP.

It says the uniformed officer should receive training and education on the history of aboriginal peoples,
including the history of the residential school system.

A number of recommendations also deal with seatbelt use, including some clarification on who should wear
a seatbelt.

They also would like to see all police vehicles used to transport prisoners equipped with center pull seatbelts.

The Jury has also recommended that the NeChee Friendship Center, the Morningstar Detox Center, the OPP
and Saakate House meet to develop direct lines of communication and develop a process of transferring
intoxicated people to the appropriate service.

All the agencies named in the inquest have one year to respond to the recommendations.