Youth Entrepreneur Camp Wraps Up In Kenora

Posted on Saturday, July 15, 2017 13:57 PM

Youth in Kenora got to learn first hand some entrepreneurial skills.

The annual Youth Entrepreneur Camp wrapped up yesterday with the kids selling the products they created.

Over the course of the week the youth got to learn about basic business sense, loans and profit.

Cierra Parkhill the Coordinator for the program says the kids get to meet a lot of entrepreneurs throughout the whole week.

"They each get to share their story and tell the kids what it takes and some of their challenges. A lot of being an entrepreneur isn't just your successes, a lot of entrepreneurs learn from their failures as well. We want them to see all of that."

Parkhill adds the program is really is a community effort.

"It's a really neat community program and initiative, that's the best part of it. There's always a ton of people that come out from the community and that's pretty cool to see."

Some of the products the kids made included home made dog toys and home made soaps.

Most of the youth sold out of all their products.