Domtar Responds To Glen Murray That It Is Innocent

Posted on Friday, June 30, 2017 12:37 PM

Domtar is reacting to comments made by Ontario Environment Minister Glen Murray that the company isn't cooperating with orders to investigate possible mercury contamination near the Dryden mill site.

In a release to Acadia News, Domtar says it has already voluntarily shared historical mercury sampling data with the Ministry as well as voluntarily conducted additional survey work on mill property.

The company notes Ministry officials and representatives from Grassy Narrows were allowed to observe the work.

Domtar adds they already voluntarily provided the government additional access to the mill site for additional mercury sampling work, and, if needed remediation.

Domtar states that several weeks ago, the government proposed a draft order to compel them to conduct more sampling for mercury.

The release says while the company continues to be willing to provide the Ministry of Environment with any access it requires to complete this work, Domtar will challenge any order that seeks to compel the company to undertake activities that are clearly the responsibility of the Province.

Domtar closes by saying it has never used mercury at the Dryden mill and is an innocent bystander.

Officials are welcoming clarification from Glen Murray that the province isn't ordering Domtar to pay for additional mercury sampling or remediation work.